Day 5 – Abstract Typography from Nature

5 Aug

Create at least 1 5×5 document in Illustrator or Photoshop, whichever you are most comfortable with. IF you use Photoshop, make sure your document is in INCHES, and is at least 200 pixels per inch to ensure good quality printing.

Using the photos you took of found letterforms in nature, create an abstract design using the combination of your photography, and some of the skills you have learned this week.

Take a look at a few examples:

Letter E - Page Design

Letter G - Page Design

Maya Ad - G

Valvoline Ad - J


Day 5 – Identity and Branding

5 Aug


  • the envelope in which concept is sent
  • it is powerful and influential, speaking to the viewer on the conscious and sub-conscious levels
  • if the theme of a piece is relevant and appealing to a viewer, and if each of the elements within the piece points toward that theme, connection with the viewer is maximized.
Using an Illustrator Template: CD Print Items, create the face of a CD as well as the cover art for your Design work.
How to Create a design from a Template in Illustrator CS5:
File>New from Template>Blank Templates>Cd Print
Good Examples of CD Packaging Design:

Day 1 – Type and Image

4 Aug
  • Designers often combine images and typography to communicate a client’s message to an audience.
  • They explore the creative possibilities presented by words (typography) and images (photography, illustration, and fine art).
  • It is up to the designer not only to find or create appropriate letterforms and images but also to establish the best balance between them.

Save Darfur Design Campaign

Apostrophe poster:
This poster was part of a series of punctuation symbols, where each symbol was celebrated on a poster designed by a different designer. We wound up with the apostrophe, who’s job it is to eliminate a letter. Hence the warm gun…

Grammy Award Posters. Typography Portraits

Day 1 – Type Based Design

4 Aug

In some cases, designers rely on words to convey a message, but they use words differently from the ways writers do. To designers, what the words look like is as important as their meaning.

The visual forms, whether typography (communication designed by means of the printed word) or handmade lettering, perform many communication functions.

See examples below:


museum of art and design identity pentagram

The I Love New York logo is a rebus created by Milton Glaser consisting of the capital letter I, followed by a red heart symbol (♥), below which are the capital letters N and Y, set in a rounded slab serif typeface called American Typewriter. The logo and advertising campaign have been used since the mid-1970s to promote tourism in New York City[1]—and also in New York State. The trademarked logo appears in souvenir shops and brochures throughout the state, some licensed, many not. A rebus is a kind of word puzzle that uses pictures to represent words or parts of words.

AIGA Promotional Poster using Type and Color

Day 1 – Image Based Design

4 Aug




In image based design, the images must carry the entire message; there are few if any words to help.
These images may be photographic, painted, drawn, or graphically rendered in many different ways.


A picture is worth a thousand words…

Nike sportswear

Original Rolling Stones logo

Poster promoting the Virginia Commonwealth Univ school of art Sculpture show

Day 2 – Color

4 Aug
Color and the Communication of Color combined with other elements of Design
  • color education happens on an instinctual level during a lifetime of observations, enjoyment and hands-on-practice.
  •  the color wheel: simple.
  •  Pay close attention to a color’s hue, saturation and value
  •  CMYK vs RGB: CMYK is for Print Design and RGB is for any design that will be viewed on a screen (TV, Computer, Mobile, Webt, etc)
  •  Use and create color harmonies based on the meaning  of the colors you select
  •  Consider your color of paper, how will this color look printed on blue paper?
  •  Never underestimate the power of a simple palette
  • A very powerful tool in creating harmonious color palettes for any design!
Try this color game to make the entire 12-Hue color wheel.
Color and Meaning:
Each color is associated with a personal meaning. Some colors do not have the same meaning to everyone, but you should be sure to pay attention to the message a color can communicate to your audience all by itself.


  • Death
  • Stability
  • Restful Emptiness
  • Potential & Possibility


  • Sorrow
  • Security
  • Maturity
  • Neutrality


  • Purity
  • Cleanliness
  • Kindness
  • New Beginning
  • Completion


  • Rest & Balance of Order
  • Life & Well-Being
  • Nature & Ecology
  • Fertility


  • Youth
  • Spirituality
  • Truth
  • Peace & Calming


  • Intuition
  • Meditation
  • Deep Contemplation


  • Universal Love
  • Beauty & Acceptance
  • Diffuses Aggressive Behavior
  • Caring & Calming


  • Wisdom
  • Joy & Happiness
  • Intellect
  • Clarity for Decision Making
  • Sharpens Memory
  • Protection from Depression


  • Stimulating
  • Vitality
  • Endurance
  • Increases Creativity
  • Involvement
  • Sincerity


  • Blood
  • Heat & Warmth
  • Energy
  • Action
  • Power & Anger
  • Danger
  • Sex Appeal


  • Royalty
  • Magic
  • Mystery
  • Imagination
  • Calm Overactivity

Day 3 – Photoshop Intro and Color Portraits of words

4 Aug

Expressive Word Design

5×5 inches, illustrator or photoshop, 4 art boards

Choose 2 words that have the opposite meaning. Using color, form, typography and composition, create the following:

  1. A design that supports the definition of the word.
  2. A design that does not support the definition of the word.

Try to make all 4 designs work as a series, using similar typefaces or type treatment, and a color palette that works together if all 4 designs were to be displayed next to each other.

See some examples below: